Use of Educational Television in Distance Education

Actually, “Educational television” by the name only means the use of television for educational purposes. There is a trend of using television programs as medium for education in distance learning courses. This can be of two different types in their basic design, the first kind of educational television being a particular program on television that can be referred to for some learning purpose and the next kind of educational television is of employing a complete channel dedicated to knowledge programs those are subscribed for various educational purposes. These channels are generally under the regulations of and associated with the cable television in the United States of America and are known as Public Educational and Government (PEG) access channels. These specialty channels can be a source of any kind of information and knowledge shows which may be targeted to a certain group of students.In addition to these there are also adult education channels which are mainly for post secondary students and can help them earn college credits. These channels generally broadcast content for an older viewership and are also referred to as “instructional television” at times. The shows on these instructional televisions are usually less than an hour or even half in duration so that they can be accommodated within a class timing and also are not too lengthy to make you feel bore and lose interest. Examples of these are shows like the Open University programs on BBC and the likes of it. The instructional television shows can sometimes be combined with teachers’ guides and are often broadcasted on the Public Broadcasting Service stations of the United States of America. These days they are also featured on digital sub-channels and on Non commercial educational public stations. However, they can also be passed on to some Educational access televisions which are mainly run by a Public Educational and Government access channels of the cable TV organization of America.Speaking of Public Educational and Government access channels also known as PEG channels or Local access channels and consist of three different types of specialty channels on cable television. They are Public Access television and Educational access television and Government access television.Public access television is free of editorial control and is a non-commercial design of mass media where anybody i.e. any common person can develop and broadcast video programs by buying the slot for a minimal charge or even for free at times. The content of these shows are generally community interestsEducational access channels are those which are solely concerned with educational programs and are a part of “educational television” for distance learning courses. These channels are also sometimes inducted in school curriculums as a part of their distance education program. Educational access television is synchronous with educational technology and the channels do broadcast instructional television programs within the city limits of that cable operator.Government access channels are on the other hand channels airing various government proceedings to the general people of the nation.

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The Right Idea – Guide to Intellectual Property Rights

Close on the heels of Hollywood blockbuster The Social network, have you ever thought what you would do if someone stole your idea? In today’s fast paced knowledge-based economy, inventions and the “eureka” moments are shaping trends. Ideas and knowledge or intellectual capital underpins the development of economies. The worth of ideas is considered intellectual property that has to be protected, albeit with conditions. And, so Intellectual Property Right (IPR) are the legal right resulting from intellectual activity in the scientific, literary and the artistic fields. The genesis of intellectual property rights and the very premise of intellectual property were identified as early as the 18th century. Certain court rulings in the 19th century mention the term while the history of the patents for discoveries can be traced further back. Digging deeper into history shows references to prohibition of theft of ideas in Jewish law way back in the 16th century, even though the concept of intellectual property itself was not developed back then. IPR allows the creators of ideas to enjoy certain exclusive rights for a limited period on intangible assets to control the use made of those productions. IPR aims to give moral and statutory rights to the creator on one hand and promote creativity, development and fair play on the other.

It was the surge of industrialisation and free trade that led to the belief that intellectual property rights were required and had to be regulated. In the year 1873, the International Exhibition of Inventions in Vienna was held, Many inventors refused to attend this event, believing that their ideas would be stolen and exploited in other countries. This led to the charting of Paris Convention for the protection of Industrial Property of 1883. Simply put, it allowed people to safeguard their creations against exploitations in other countries. Following closely, the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works of 1886, extended intellectual property to the realm of copyright. This codified the right of artists to their creations. In 1893 both these united to form the United International bureaus for the protection of Intellectual Property Organisation under the UN through the Stockholm Convention in 1967. The mission of WIPO is to promote through international cooperation the creation, dissemination, cultural and social progress of all mankind.

Talking of Intellectual property law of India, Abhilasha Kambhat, a specialist in IPR and a Lawyer at Rajasthan High Court says: “It is only in the last 15 to 20 years that people have become more aware of IPR. Government and private sector initiatives to disseminate knowledge about the subject through interactions with industries and other stakeholders have been one important reason for this positive change”Amarjit Singh, seminal authority on IPR and Managing Partner, Amarjit and Associates, an Intellectual Property boutique firm in Delhi, believes that economic liberalisation has tremendously changed the IPR regime. Shruti Sondhi, Managing Associate at Anand and Anand Associates, one of India’s top law firms in the fields of IPR says that IPR will only grow from strength to strength.

But IPR is not without its fair of criticism. Richard Stallman, the founder of the free software GNU project, believes that the term intellectual property itself is flawed as it is used as an overarching umbrella to incorporate different elements like copyright, patents, trademarks. On the other hand it is argued that IPR protects the creativity of the mind which should be considered like any other tangible or non tangible asset.

India will face challenges in the IPR arena as more cases come to light. Hari Subramanium, a leading Patent Attorney in Kerala, India Says: ” Copyright is one area where IPR will face a big challenge as we can already see with infringements on music, book and other media. Lack of specialised patent courts and high level of technical expertise required in understanding is an area which we need to work on”


A&M Records vs Napster (2001)-Napster, a peer-to-peer music sharing site, had to settle US$26 million to different recording companies and song writer before closing in 2002.

Princeton University Press vs. Michigan Document Service created booklets out of photocopied study material provided by the University and sold it to the students. The court considered that it was not “fair use” and penalised the photocopying company.

Zippo Manufacturing Company vs. Mookchandani & others- Zippo won a case regarding the shape mark on its lighter which copied on other cheaper quality lighters in India.

Harry Potter vs. Hari Puutar Warner Brothers lost the case regarding similar sounding movie title as it was asserted that subject matter was different in the Bollywood movie.

Austin Nichols vs. Jagatjit Industries Limited-Jagatjit Industries lost the right to use the Blender’s pride trademark.

Various pharmaceutical company patent infringement cases.

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San Antonio Energy Savings – Energy Efficient Ideas in San Antonio, Texas

• Are your home utility bills high while your desired comfort level is low?
• Is your home very hot during the San Antonio summers and colder than you’d like in the winter?
• Is your home hot and stuffy, even when the AC unit is running?
• Have you thought, “How can I make my home more energy efficient and comfortable without spending an arm and a leg?”
• Are you ready to do your part to help conserve our energy resources?

When considering San Antonio energy efficiency home improvements, it is important to consider all aspects of your decision. Each home is unique and so are its energy efficiency problems. A visual and personal energy audit by a home inspector is a good way to get a thorough analysis on the overall efficiency and functionality of the energy consuming features in your home. A personal home audit will identify underperforming areas to show where cost effective improvements can be made to lower those utility bills, and increase your comfort, health, and safety.

Facts about San Antonio Energy Efficiency:

1. San Antonio area weather (especially in the summer) is extremely hot! The average high during the summer is 95 degrees, and can reach well over 100 degrees for weeks at a time. Meanwhile, the average winter low is 39 degrees, which may not seem very low for Northerners, but this is freezing for South Texans. What does this mean? You need solid energy-efficient systems in your home year-round to keep you comfortable without breaking the bank.
2. Texas is responsible for 3/10′s of U.S. total natural gas production. The average price of natural gas in the San Antonio area is approximately $8.80 per thousand cubic feet, which is $1.80 less than the national average.
3. San Antonio residents pay around $0.01 per kilowatt-hour, which is a little more than the national average for electricity from utilities like CPS Energy.
4. What do facts #2 and #3 mean? Although San Antonio energy costs in general are less than the national average, we are paying more than the average national consumer; when there is one main energy provider in the area (CPS), they can get away with this. This is another reason to seriously consider San Antonio energy savings by making your home more energy efficient.
5. The average San Antonio home is 25-30 years old. Typically, any home more than 5-10 years old can seriously benefit from energy efficiency upgrades, like energy saving heating and cooling equipment, attic insulation, and window film or screens.

A Few Solutions for Making Your San Antonio Home More Efficient and Comfortable

San Antonio Energy Efficient Radiant Barrier

Radiant barrier is a reflective foil insulation system that is placed in an air space to block heat transfer and is a permanent way to reduce energy costs. Radiant barrier reflects radiant heat energy instead of absorbing it and is also unaffected by humidity. It will continue to perform at a consistent level no matter how hot or humid it may be, thus saving energy and money all year long!

During the hot South Texas summers, Radiant Barrier blocks up to 97% of the sun’s radiant heat from being transferred into your structure.

During the cold winter, Radiant Barrier keeps heat from escaping your structure by reflecting up to 97% of the radiant heat back in, thus requiring less work by your air conditioning system.

San Antonio Energy Efficient Window Solar Film

Window films help your home, office, or building with heat, glare, and fade issues, as well as helping to lower monthly utility expenses. In addition, security films help hold shattered glass in place to better protect your property in the case of severe weather or attempted vandalism. A good window film deflects the sun’s rays and keeps the heat out during the hot summers and will also reflect heat in to your home during the winter, saving BIG money on energy costs.

Federal Tax Credits For San Antonio Energy Efficient Window Film:
On February 17, 2009, President Obama signed The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009< which extended energy efficiency tax credits through 2010. Under the extension, individuals purchasing qualifying window films from January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2010 may be eligible for a tax credit under Section 25C of the Internal Revenue Code.

Through the end of 2010, the IRS will allow homeowners to take a tax credit of 30% of the cost of solar control window film installed in their primary residence, with a lifetime maximum credit of $1,500 per taxpayer.
The tax credit is a direct dollar for dollar credit, or reduction, in the amount of taxes you must pay, not just a tax deduction from income. The cost of the film itself, not the installation cost, qualifies for this credit so long as it is installed before December 31, 2010.

San Antonio Energy Efficient Sun Screens

Sun Screens block 90% of sunlight and heat which makes up approximately 45% of the heat gain in your home or business.
Sun Screens can make windows up to 15% more efficient in cold months by creating a third layer of insulation for double pane windows.
Heat from the sun’s rays are absorbed by the open weave design of the screen fabric and then dissipated through the small holes in the mesh. The heat is deflected before it even reaches the glass.

Home Energy Efficiency Audits in San Antonio

When you decide to have a home energy efficiency audit, it is important that the professional auditors make the energy efficiency upgrades easy to understand and take the utmost care in performing the evaluation. A home energy audit will also give you valuable details on rebates and tax credits available from San Antonio utility companies and the government on recommended products.

American Energy Saving Products offers energy efficiency solutions in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Our San Antonio energy efficiency consultants offer a wealth of experience and expertise to give you the valued information and cost-effective recommendations you need to maximize energy efficiency and lowering utility bills.

Every structure is different, therefore, we look at what your needs are on an individual basis and develop an action plan that best suits your situation. All homes are constructed differently, which means that your project deserves the individual attention that American Energy Savings Products provides.

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Green Travel Plan Advice

A Green Travel Plan should deliver economic, practical and easy to manage measures both now and in the future. The majority of individuals that usually require a green travel plan are commercial developers and businesses. A plan should typically be:

economic to implement ‘day one’
cost effective for future management
include practical, well thought out measures that work
What’s the difference between Green and Workplace travel plans?

A Green Travel Plan (also typically known as a Workplace Travel Plan) is an obligation imposed by local authorities through the planning process typically by way of panning condition attached to a planning consent or by a S.106 agreement. It may also be introduced as a requirement during the application process.

In addition a Travel Plan is often a requirement of a BREEAM assessment process.

The Green Travel Plan sets out a suite of actions and measures intended to promote travel to the site by sustainable transport methods such as bicycle, bus or train rather than private car.

So I have a Green Travel Plan, what happens if I don’t follow it?

Most local authorities will require occupiers to monitor the effectiveness of the plan to ensure measures are being implemented and targets set in the plan are being met. The aim should be to demonstrate ongoing improvement.

Some local authorities now have sustainable travel officers whose sole duty is to promote sustainable travel and to monitor plans to ensure compliance.

Ultimately the local authority does have the power to take Enforcement action against you if you are not implementing and monitoring your plan. The council has the power to issue of a breach of condition notice to require you to comply with the requirements which could ultimately lead to prosecution and fine if you still fail to comply.

What Actions and Measures do the plans typically include?

They are sometimes produced to include high cost and complicated measures such as staff showers, public transport information and ticketing systems, subsidised public transport, cycle parking and staff loan schemes. Whilst it’s important to be mindful of the commercial necessity to obtain a consent, more simpler and cost effective measures should be considered as well, such as; free internet access to travel guides; website links to local travel information; car sharing schemes and on site maps of bus and train stations.

A plan should be produced to minimise the cost to the clients of delivering their plan whilst balancing this against the local planning policy requirements and need for a consent in a timely manner.

What will my Green Travel Plan cost?

Every plan is different based on the local policy requirements, the site constraints and the commercial pressures. Each should ideally be produced on a site specific basis. It is important to appreciate that a well considered and written plan allied to skilled consultants negotiating terms with the local authority will save you more money than you will ever spend on preparing it. Conversely, one poorly written will cost you money ‘day one’ and for many years to come as you continue to spend money and management time on costly and unwieldy measures.

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Improve Your Poor Credit Score and Secure Yourself a Loan

So you are thinking of getting some extra money to make some urgent home repairs, the porch door needs replacing, along with a new hot water system. Unfortunately you do not have the money in the bank, but neither do you have a secure porch door or any constant hot water.

Have you considered personal loans? A lot of people take out personal loans for this type of repair. Car repairs and even holidays are used by people with their newly acquired finances. Most people have heard that a poor credit score is not a good thing (However even those that have a poor financial history can still get loans). But how do you make a good rating?

One of thing major pieces of advice from experts, before you apply for finance it is best to get a credit report completed from a reputable source. This will give you an idea of the chance of getting your application approved. In the United States of America there are three levels of credit rating, basically the higher it is the better it is.

An excellent rating is above 760, a good rating would be between 700 and 759 and a poor rating would be between 640 to 699. if you are at the top end, 760 and above then there is no point in making your rating any better. However with other ratings it is worth trying to improve as it will help your chances of succeeding in the application.

There does seem to be a bit of a chicken and egg situation sometimes, you need finance but have a poor score,but to improve you need a lender to give you a chance. Well, luckily there are things that you and your family if you have one, can do to improve your rating.

Having a poor rating does not mean you have to be stuck with it, starting to pay the bills on time instead of late or not at all will start to get you on the right path. Some lenders will still give applicants loans even with a low score, but the total given will be lower than usually and the percentage rate will be considerably higher. So you will pay more over the period of the finance.

Families can help too. If a member of your family has a good rating then some credit card companies can add you to that family members credit card as an authorized user, this will help with any poor credit score. Also having a family member with a good rating co-sign the loan could help you get what you need.

Finding the correct lender for your score is a good way to make sure that you are getting what you deserve, if you have a high score you deserve some of the best deals on the market. Instead of going to your bank or card company you can go online and search for a matching company. Companies like this are a good place go to make sure you achieve the best deal.

What are a matching company and what do they do? You enter your details on their online program and your information will be fed to several of their approved lenders, in turn the lenders will then return to the matching company with a list of loans that they are able to offer.

Once the offers come back it is then up to the applicant to choose one and complete all the necessary paperwork. A check will then be received within a matter of days and your new boiler and door fitted soon after.

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Payment Options for Shopping All the Way

Everyone is busy. Busy in shopping online and in the malls. Popular online portals are breaking and making new sale records! All thanks to the convenience and the availability of easy payment options and funds!

Here are few of the factors that are making online businesses a success

Credit Cards: A credit card is plastic money. It is one of the easiest form in which a person gets a personal loan.

All online portals as well as retailers in malls accept credit cards issued by various banks.
Online payment becomes very simple and safe, thanks to the one time passwords generated for such transactions.
A PIN is sufficient for shopping using a credit card at any retail store.

Personal loans for shopping: When we apply for a personal loan, we don’t have to provide the financier with the details of what we want the loan for.

Thus these days’ personal loans are being used to finance shopping.
They can also be used as wedding loans, vacation loans and educational loans.

Payment Processing: As far as payment processing is concerned, the following factors matter to both the consumer and the online retailer.

Uncomplicated manoeuvring on website: It is important for the payment process to be step-by-step and easy to understand. Most websites work on this section very carefully and thus the online shopping experience is satisfactory.

Processing Costs: Processing costs matter to the retailers. More the processing fees they have to pay to providers of payment gateways like Visa, the lesser are their margins. So to have an effective business the processing costs need to be low.
Number of payment options: Multiple payment options should be available for the customer to make payment. This makes the shopping a convenient proposition.
Time taken to process transactions: Processing time not only tests your patience but sometimes also the strength of your internet connection!

Cash on Delivery: This is also known as “collection on delivery.” This is a very popular mode of making payments for shopping in the developing world.

It enhances impulse purchases.
A credit card is not an essential possession for the buyer.
The buyer can check the quality of the product and then pay

So this festive season, do not hesitate to shop and to gift! The availability of funds for shopping is not difficult anymore. Also the convenience of online shopping has brought various retailers to our doorstep. So let us shop all the way!

An easy way of shopping is using a credit card. It forms an integral part of most people’s financial planning. When used in the right manner, it helps reduce financial liability and optimizes financial resources.

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Are Online Personal Loans Good For People With Bad Credit?

While the rise of online lending in itself makes it more convenient for people to apply for finance, is this development a good thing for those who are already struggling? There are companies out there who charge expensive annual percentage rates (APRs), leaving many people in more trouble than when they first started.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Over the last few years, online lending has earned itself a bad reputation. The internet leaves many people vulnerable to fraud, so you should always exercise caution when inputting your financial details. The best way to make sure your information remains safe is to find a secure, reliable lending platform.

There is an unfair irony attached to lending today. Those with bad credit are often led to believe they have no financial options if they have made mistakes in the past, often making their situations seem more desperate than they actually are. This can result in people making bad decisions and can lead to borrowing through unstable sources.

Meanwhile, any lenders that do accept you with bad credit will charge extortionate interest rates because of your history, making it more difficult for you to meet your monthly repayment obligations – thus worsening your situation. This is a trap that many people fall into, and it gives online installment lenders a bad name.

However, this doesn’t need to be the case. If you can find yourself a reliable lending platform, you will be connected to a secure network of trustworthy lenders who can offer sensible solutions to your borrowing needs. Many of these lenders will assess your application, even if your credit file isn’t perfect or your income is lower than average.

Instead of (or in some cases, as well as) running credit checks, these lenders will take other factors into consideration, including your income and employment circumstances, and how long you have lived at your current address. They may even ask for references they can contact who will vouch for your character personally.

Even those who receive benefits as a form of income will be able to apply, giving everyone a fair and carefully considered chance of borrowing money. In these cases, applicants won’t be accepted for higher loans than they can afford to pay back, and interest rates will be low, meaning there is a better chance of managing repayments.

If you have poor credit and need to borrow money, consider a personal installment loan, but make sure the APR is advertised between 5.99% and 35.99%. There should also be a number of options in terms of flexible repayment, offering you the chance to pay the money back anywhere between six months and six years, depending on what you can afford to pay per month.

Small, carefully considered personal loans could actually help you build a financial profile making you eligible for better future borrowing. As long as the lender is responsible, and offers reasonable interest rates, online lending platforms can actually give people with more opportunities than many other lenders in terms of improving their situation.

With this in mind, personal loans can be beneficial to those hoping to improve their credit score, but only if some caution is exercised by both parties, and you only apply to borrow an amount you can afford to pay back.

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Five Reasons for Refusal of a Personal Loan

Don’t you wish personal finance were a mandatory course in college? Unfortunately, too many of us learn by mistake. When you need a personal loan and are rejected, you might be baffled as to what went wrong- and how to fix it. Here are some clues.


No credit is a situation where you have never used credit and therefore have no credit history for the bank to review. They have no way of making an educated decision on whether or not you will pay back a personal loan based on your credit history. No credit is worse than bad credit. Qualifying for and making regular payments on these types of introductory forms of credit can overcome a “no credit” score:

· Student Loans

· Secured credit card (includes a down payment amount)

· Being added to a parent’s or spouses good credit: card, car loan, etc.


Low credit takes on several forms. If you’re using more than 30% of your allowable debt, it can negatively impact your score. Too many inquiries from shopping around for loans will also hit you hard. Lapses in payment, defaults, or bankruptcies are giant red flags and can take a long time to rebuild from.

Other things that lenders may look at are whether or not you have sizeable assets should you default on the loan. They also check to see if your debts are diversified or if you are only carrying one type of debt.


Proof of income is generally required when applying for a personal loan. If you are unemployed or underemployed, it can work against you in the loan approval process. Lenders may also require a work history to see how long you have been with your current employer, and to determine if you typically have job stability. Frequent job loss or change will tell a creditor that your payments may not be reliable.


Believe it or not, your application can be rejected due to your proposed purpose for the loan. Financial institutions have the right to set up the parameters surrounding their disbursements and can accept or reject your application based on what you want to use the money for.


If you’ve defaulted on debt before, your name may be put on a list of whom not to loan to,’ also known as a “Blacklist.” This will follow you around for a long time and is difficult to erase. If you do resolve the debt issues, get documents to prove the resolution.

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How Can A Personal Loan Improve Your Credit Score?

When it comes to a personal loan, you have to first learn to use it responsibly. Because if you miss a repayment, your credit score will be impacted adversely. And remember, that a credit score is an indicator of how well you manage your personal finances. Also, it plays a defining role when you apply for any kind of loan – secured and unsecured. It is suggested to apply for a loan slightly larger than what is needed so that you will be assured to have enough money to pay all bills necessary and still have some money left over to ensure that your bank account stays current.

A credit score can be defined as a number which reflects the financial situation of a person. If the person is well-off when it comes to financial matters, then he or she is said to have a high credit score. On the other hand, if a person is the exact opposite of this, then they possess a low credit score. There are a lot of factors that are considered by financial institutions for the purpose of evaluating a person’s credit score – usually, the credit scores of people vary from 300 to about 850.

A personal loan is a type of loan that is given by digital lenders, banks and credit unions to aid you in your plans, be it starting a small business, or making a big purchase. Personal loans tend to have an interest rate(s) lower than the credit cards; however, they can also be put to use for combining several credit card debts together into one monthly lower-cost payment.

Now, your credit score is built by keeping in mind various parameters from your credit reports. These reports serve the purpose of trailing your history of utilization of the credit across the duration of seven years. These credit reports are comprised of information, including how much credit you have utilized to date, the type of credit in your possession, the age of one’s credit accounts, whether one has put in for bankruptcy or liens filed against them, actions of debt collections taken against them, one’s total open lines of credit as well as recent inquiries for hard credit.

Like any other type of credit, personal loans are very capable of affecting your credit score. This can be done through the process of applying and withdrawing a personal loan. If you are curious as to how personal loans can end up affecting your credit, then read on to find out more about the context. There are many ways in which your credit can be affected by personal loans and some of them are listed below:

The ratio of your debt-to-income and loan

Debt-to-income ratio is considered to be the measure of your amount of income that you spend on the debt repayments. In the case of lenders, the amount of income that you receive is said to be one of the major factors proving that you are able to repay your loan.

Some of the lenders have come up with their own debt-to-income ratio so that their proprietary credit scores may make use of it in the form of a credit consideration. Do not fall into the kind of mindset that possessing a high amount of a loan would hurt your credit. The most damage it can do is raise the ratio of your debt-to-income so that you won’t be able to apply for loans anymore without it getting rejected or denied.

Paying loans on time will make credit scores soar

The moment your loan is approved, you have to make sure that you settle the payments of each month on time and in full. Delay in repayment may significantly impact the state of your credit score. However, on the other hand, if you make the payments on time every month, then your credit score will soar high, leading to an overall good score. This will not only make your name to the preferred borrower’s list, but it will prove to be beneficial for you in the long run.

Since your payment history is comprised of almost 35% of your credit score, paying loans on time is essential in cases like these so that your credit score can maintain a positive status.

Variety is built into your credit type

There are about five factors that are responsible for determining your credit score. These are composed of the payment history, the length of the credit history, the utilization ratio of the credit, the credit mix and new inquiries of the credit in accordance with FICO®.

The credit mix only accounts for about 35% of your total credit score, whereas when it comes to a personal loan you can have a varying mix of the credit types. This mix of all types of credit is viewed at a high level of approval by the creditors and lenders.

Origination fee charged by loans

Most of the lenders end up charging you an origination fee. This fee cannot be avoided at any cost and is instantly taken off from the amount of the loan payment. The amount of origination fees depends upon the amount of the loan you are about to borrow. Late payments can lead to an overdraft of fees and late expenses. Therefore, make sure that you pay complete repayment for each month before the deadline.

Avoiding penalties when it comes to payments

Some of the credit lenders tend to charge an additional fee if you end up paying your part of the loan earlier than the agreed date. This is because they are looking for moderate amounts of interest on your loan. Now, seeing that you have paid off your part of the loan before time, they will miss out on that interest that they could have possibly made if you had not cleared the debt soon enough before the deadline.

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